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Blazer Fabric

Blazer, our classic wool felt upholstery fabric, has become not just a trend setter, but a trail blazer. It’s the fabric of the moment. And it’s just got even better – with an expanded new colour palette, a new finish, and a compelling narrative about lambs and dolphins which will pull your heart strings!

New colours

It’s amazing how quickly colour fashion can change. We’ve had to move with the times, so the emphasis is now on those subtle “in between” shades which were previously in the wings and now take centre stage. The primary brights have become more thoughtful and complex, making for a more mature and grown-up palette, rather than naive and direct.

New finish

The fabric is made from pure new wool, from lambs shorn for the very first time, when their wool coats are at their newest, softest and freshest. This translates into an even softer textile fibre and end fabric, which is further improved by a new Decafast finish for an even smoother surface handle like the most luxurious wool suiting.  

Lambs and dolphins

We use lambswool from the lush rolling pastures of South Island, New Zealand. We’ve partnered with Wools of New Zealand’s Laneve wool integrity programme, which not only gives the assurance of product traceability to identifiable farms, but also the confidence of responsible farming which protects the delicate eco-system and supports the endangered Hector’s Dolphin found off the dramatic New Zealand coastline.