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Synergy Fabric

Welcome to the world of Synergy.

Synergy is a natural evolution of our bestselling wool fabric Blazer. It's softer and stronger, lighter and brighter. Its development has been a journey of discovery, taking time, creativity and mutual collaboration. The result? A beautiful fabric with hidden depth and intrigue.

Synergy's heart and soul comes from premium New Zealand wool, used in the woollen spun weft in combination with a fine worsted warp. This gives a smoother finish, softer still from the gentle milling process, closer surface crop and light pressing. The refined finished cloth combines beautifully relaxed drape with sublime handle, yet achieves 100,000 Martindale abrasion cycles thanks to the inclusion of just 5% polyamide in the overall composition. And the colour palette is our largest offering in 75 intelligent shades.

Synergy supports the fabric of life by aligning with international water aid charity, Just a Drop, to help deliver accessible, clean and safe water where it's needed most. Around the world there are an estimated 750 million people without safe water and a staggering 2.5 billion without adequate sanitation. So for every metre of Synergy Camira sells, they make a donation to Just a Drop, in support of a water project in Kenya. The first project is to build a water tank at Ikalaasa Primary School to provide clean water for 460 pupils. This donation is kindly matched by wools of New Zealand, with additional contributions from the wider supply chain.